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Our Society was founded c. 1890 - it is one of the oldest horticultural societies in West Sussex.  The first flower show was shared with the neighbouring parish of Walberton.  Towards the end of the 20th century (1970's) the annual and spring shows were joined by an autumn show and an early summer show.

As well as our four shows per year, we hold a series of talks for members and guests, two plant sales and some entertainment events including an annual barn dance and concerts.

Although we are based in Yapton for our events, our members come from many local villages.  Everyone is welcome!

Our shows : all horticultural exhibits are judged under RHS rules; dahlias are judged under NDS rules; floral art is judged under NAFAS rules.  Copies of the rules may be borrowed from the Show Secretary (see contacts).  Exhibitors may only enter one exhibit per class (one exhibit per household in the horticultural classes).  All exhibits of flowers, fruit and vegetables must be grown by the exhibitor, except in Floral Art and Childrens sections. Exhibits in handcraft, photography, cookery and childrens sections must not have won any of the Society's classes in any previous show and must have been made or prepared by the exhibitor.  For full rules, and special rules for the Annual (Summer) Show, please see the current Schedule - free to members and 2 to non-members.

Schedule - Spring show 6.4.24:

Class            FLORAL       Note– one variety unless stated otherwise   Division*

1.  One Bloom Trumpet Daffodil                                                                                  1

2.  Three Trumpet Daffodils                                                                                             1

3.  Vase of Five Trumpet Daffodils, more than one variety                             1

4.  One Narcissus, large cupped                                                                                     2

5.  Vase of Three Narcissi, large cupped                                                             2

6.  One Narcissus, small cupped                                                                              3

7.  Vase of Three Narcissi, small cupped                                                              3

8.  One double Narcissus                                                                                              4

9.  Vase of Three Double Narcissi                                                                             4

10. Vase of Three Narcissi, multi-Headed                                                          5, 7, 8

11. Vase of One Narcissus, split Corona                                                                 11

12. Vase of Three Narcissi, split Corona                                                                  11

13. Vase of miniature Narcissi—one cultivar, 5 stems, max size blooms 5omm

14. One Vase, Five Narcissi, mixed varieties

15. One Pot Dwarf Daffodils /Narcissi,  pot 14cm max. dia

16. One Pot Daffodils /Narcissi,  not dwarf, pot 25cm max.

17. One Tulip stem

18. Three Hellebore florets floated in water

19. One Pot Tulips, one variety, pot 21cm max.

20. One pot of any other bulbous type, pot 21 cm max.

21. Five stems of any other bulbous type

22. Five Blooms Polyanthus/Primrose, displayed on a Society board, in water

23. One Camellia Bloom on stem with one leaf

24. Five stems cut flower (one variety) other than mentioned above (not bulbous)

25. One Polyanthus /Primrose Plant, non-native, garden grown, potted for the show

26. Primrose Plant, native type, potted for the show

27. Five Blooms Pansies/Violas, displayed on Society supplied board, in water

28. Vase of mixed Spring Flowers, max. twelve stems (no woody stems)

29. Vase of Flowering Shrubs or Trees, max space 45cm, more than one kind

30. One Pot Plant, Flowering, pot not to exceed 21cm 

31. One Pot Plant Foliage, pot not to exceed  21cm

32. One Specimen Cactus /Succulent Plant in Flower

33. One specimen Cactus/Succulent Plant not in Flower

34. Collection Cacti/ Succulent Plants, space allowed 46cm x 46cm

35. A Spring flowers Patio Pot (max. size 30cm round or square)

For classification of Daffodils see Green section

VEGETABLES (not from storage)

36. An Exhibit of Seasonal Vegetables, one kind not less than two

37. Collection of Seasonal Vegetables, three kinds, space 66cm x 66cm

38. Three Sticks Rhubarb

39. A Collection of three Herbs, three distinct kinds, displayed in one vase

FLORAL ART Theme  “Easter” **see rule 5 on page 3**

40. “New Life”        a miniature exhibit        10cmW x10cmDx10cmH

41. “Easter Bonnet” 60cm W x 60cm D

42. “Easter Egg”     45cm W x 45cmD

43. “Easter Greeting” a petite exhibit 22cm W x 22cm D

COOKERY (note—all preserves to be labelled with contents and date)

44. One jar of Marmalade (1lb approx.)

45. One small jar of Lemon Curd

46. Four Chelsea Buns

47. An individual vegetarian starter

48. Two pasties  (homemade pastry)

49. An Easter cake - judged on decoration only

50. A ginger cake cooked in a loaf tin

51. A jar of chutney (3 months matured)


52. An item of handicraft (soft)

53. An item of handicraft (hard)

54. A pencil or crayon drawing on an Easter theme (max. size A4)

CHILDREN (no entry fees for children)

                                                              7 years old & under

55. A Garden in a Seed Tray                                          

56. Three pieces of Rocky Road


                                                              8  to 11 years old                                                                                                            

57. Four chocolate brownies

58. A Spring collage (max. A3)       


                                                                  Any age up to 18 years

59. A decorated egg

60. A model made from recycled materials

PHOTOGRAPHY  (see rule 11)

Colour or Black/white prints max.size A4 including mounts (not framed) on the theme:

61. Texture

62. Black and White

63. Spring  (*JWT)

64. In the air

65. Instruments


* Photography classes marked JWT contribute to the Jan Wood Memorial Trophy for nature photography










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