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We are always very keen to encourage children to join in our activities.  We hope they enjoy and learn from having a go at gardening, cooking or craft activities.  In each of our shows, we have competitions especially for children.  They vary from one show to the next and include challenges like making a miniature garden in a seed tray, baking some butterfly cakes or making a monster out of vegetables.  Classes coming up at the next show are (class numbers shown in brackets):

74.      A decorated crispbread—judged on decoration              5 years and under                

75.     A kitchen in a shoebox                       5 years and under                                  

76.     Four cheese straws          6 to 10 years old       

77.     A pop group in a shoebox               6 to 10 years old

78.     A round sponge cake (approx.  210mm ) 11  - 16 years old       

79.     “Imagination” - made from recycled materials 11  - 16 years old


Entry is free and prize money is 50p for first prize, 40p for second prize and 30p for third prize.  To enter, print off this page, circle the classes you wish to enter, and send it with your name and age to Roy or David whose details are on the contact page.  Or you can email your entries to ddonovan2012@hotmail.co.uk

Some of our members support the local primary school in Yapton by helping the children with their Victorian garden. Six years ago a request came to Society from Yapton Primary School for someone who would be interested in taking care of the Victorian garden at the School and working with the students. At the time the garden was quite overgrown and not used by the students.  Volunteers from the Society started to clear the garden.   The students also helped in clearing and getting the beds ready for planting and we managed to get a successful crop of tomatoes, beetroot and runner beans to harvest in our first year. Since then we have significantly widened the variety of vegetables we grow; broad beans, potatoes, green beans, peas, onions, corn and garlic. Our herbs include thyme, sorrel, lavender, chives and angelica and all of this produces a good offering for the children to take home! We have also added a small rock garden, rhubarb patch and gooseberry bushes.

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